Frequently Asked Dumpster Rental Questions (FAQ’s)

No, you do not. If you will not be home please be specific about where you want it left and leave a good contact number just in case we run into any questions.
We will NOT pick up the dumpster without talking to you first. You must schedule the pick up.

You can schedule your pick up by calling or texting our dispatch line 203-731-4785 or emailing us at

No, you can’t. The dumpster should be levelled off with nothing filled above the top. If they are overfilled we cannot take it.
The price is for a 1 week rental. If you would like to keep it longer, we charge $50 per week for each additional week.
We can pick it up earlier than 1 week if needed. Allow 24 hours for scheduling.
If you would like to be serviced on Saturday it will be an additional $50. We do not run on Sundays.
The towns listed are the towns we service. In some cases we may be able to go out of our area but please give us a call for these orders.
If the dumpster is too full we will not pick it up and you will be charged a trip charge. In some cases, if it is a matter of just an item or two unsafely thrown on top. The driver will take those off and leave them on property.
You will be charged $105 p/ton pro-rated for anything over the weight limit.
We take the dumpsters to transfer stations who charge us based on the weight of the dumpster. We include a certain amount of weight in the price you pay for the dumpster. However, if it does go over the weight limit you are charged for the additional weight.
The weight limit is just that. It is based strictly on the weight of what is in the dumpster. Those weight limits are fairly typical of what the dumpster should weigh when putting regular household items in it. However, it ranges with each dumpster. For example- imagine you fill two dumpster of the same size up to the same level. One is filled with concrete, the other is filled with cardboard boxes. The concrete dumpster will be overweight, the cardboard dumpster will not.
Yes there is a swinging door on the back of the dumpster. It will always be the back end of the dumpster. That is the only way to put it on the truck.
No, these are open top containers. They do not have lids.
All of the excess water will be drained out when the dumpster is picked up and put on the truck. Yes, it could affect the weight if there are things that soak up water. There is nothing we can do for this. We too get charged for that water weight. If you are very worried about it, we suggest you putting a tarp tightly over it to keep water out.
Hazardous materials. For example- oil, gas, chemicals, paint cans, batteries, asbestos, etc. These need to be disposed of properly. They are dangerous to put into a dumpster and could start a fire.
Yes- Mattresses, Box springs, Tires, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers. Please call if you have questions on cost of those items.
We try to be very transparent in our costs. The cost includes initial delivery, pick up, and weight limit. Also includes all applicable fees. Additional charges have been scattered in the questions above- but these are the things you may get charged extra for. Overweight dumpsters, a few household items* (listed above), extended rentals, Saturday delivery, trip charge if unable to do requested service. If you have questions about any of those things, I urge you to call, text or email us. We try to be fair and as flexible and accommodating as possible without it costing us.

If we take the trip to your property to either deliver, empty, or pick up a dumpster and we are unable to do it we will charge you for the trip. This generally is to cover the gas and time it took us to do this. Examples are not limited to but include- car being in way, material being in way, overfilled, driveway is too icy, low hanging wires or trees in the way, locked gate, driveway is too small for the size requested, etc. These are all things that should be figured out before we get there. We also are on a very tight schedule and cannot wait on site for very long for things to be moved.

You must call your town and get a permit in order for us to put the dumpster on the street. We also cannot cover sidewalks.
We will put the dumpster on the grass if that is where you prefer it. But both the dumpster and the truck will rip up the grass. We will not take responsibility for any damage done to yard.

Getting a dumpster is at your own risk.  Please understand the dumpsters and trucks are very heavy, so it is possible it could cause damage to where you are putting it.  We do put wood under the can when placed on driveway. This almost always protects the driveway, but we do not take responsibility for any damage.

Contact us with any other questions:
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